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The gift which can be nurtured.  The perfect gift to brighten up someone’s space, on a desk, bedside table and anywhere which needs a little love.

This month’s plant of the month is the Monstera Adansonii – Monkey Mask.  A close relative of the  popular Monstera Deliciosa.

This plant grows quickly and is pretty easy to look after.   It will thank you if it is in bright indirect light, do not put in direct sunlight.  Give it a good drink every week or two always allowing the soil to dry out in between waters.  Give it a mist with some water every now and again.

This plant with the above care should thrive.

It comes in a gorgeous pot (pots vary but will be either terracotta, ceramic or concrete)

Local delivery is included.

Pictures are an example and plants may differ slightly from those shown.  By continuing to check out you acknowledge this.



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